Effects of a daily life performance report on day-care rehabilitation services: The results of a randomized controlled trial Daisuke Omori 1 , Wataru Imura 2 , Yoshinori Ryobe 3 , Hirochika Karinaga 4 , Ryuji Kobayashi 5 1Kitagawa Hospital 2Tamano Institute of Health and Human Services 3Geriatric Health-Care Facility Esperance Wake 4Kibi International University 5Tokyo Metropolitan University Keyword: 生活行為向上マネジメント , 連携 , 通所リハビリテーション , 作業療法 , The management tool for daily life performance , Cooperation , Day-care rehabilitation service , Occupational therapy pp.188-196
Published Date 2018/4/15
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 This paper provides the result of randomized controlled trial (RCT) conducted to verify the effects of daily life performance reports. The reports were prepared by an occupational therapist (OT) to share information with a care manager about 63 day-care rehabilitation service users on the QOL, ADL and IADL of the service user. The RCT revealed that the activities of daily living on method (BI) and health evaluation method (EQ VAS) of the intervention group were considerably higher than those of the control group; the degree of satisfaction of the living objective was significantly higher after three months and the degree of adherence and satisfaction of the living objective was significantly higher after six months. The results indicate that the use of the daily life performance report to inform about the service user contributes to the improvement of the service user's living behavior.

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