Development of a regional cooperation clinical pathway to comprehensive environmental support for elderly individuals: A content validity study Kenji Yabuwaki 1 , Michihiro Okamoto 2 , Keita Nakahara 3 , Yuka Kobayashi 4 , Takeshi Sato 5 1School of Health Science and Social Welfare, Kibi International University 2Reha-Station Moriyama Outpatient Day Long-Term Care 3Nishinomiya Kyoritsu Rehabilitation Hospital 4Kameda Rehabilitation Hospital 5In-Home Long-Term Care Support Office Kurashiki, Soushinkai Inc Keyword: 高齢者 , 環境因子 , 地域連携 , クリニカルパス , 回復期リハビリテーション , Elderly , Environment , Regional cooperation , Clinical pathway , Recovery rehabilitation pp.64-73
Published Date 2017/2/15
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 To develop a regional cooperation clinical pathway to promote comprehensive environmental support among elderly individuals undergoing recovery rehabilitation, targets and tasks were created and content validity was examined. The draft of the pathway was prepared in accordance with the construct of the Comprehensive Environmental Questionnaire, which comprised 10 target categories and 26 task items. The draft was examined using a Web-based questionnaire system with the Delphi approach in 31 professionals at convalescent hospitals or maintenance facilities. The content validity was verified for nine target categories and 24 task items. To utilize this pathway effectively, a process to reconsider the pathway upon subjecting it to variance analysis after its use based on the PDCA cycle is needed.

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