A Study of Suitable Amounts of Rehabilitation Training for Patients Aged 75 Years or Above with Cerebral Infarction in Relation to Functional Improvements in Convalescent Rehabilitation Wards Junya Hirata 1 , Masaru Umeda 2 , Kyoko Tanaka 3 , Makoto Zukeran 3 , Masaki Goto 3,4 , Keiko Inoue 1 , Shunji Nishio 3 1Kawasaki University of Medical Welfare, Faculty of Rehabilitation 2Tokyo University of Technology, School of Health Sciences 3Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Baba Memorial Hospital 4Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Pegasus Rehabilitation Hospital Keyword: 高齢 , elderly , 脳梗塞 , cerebral infarction , 回復期リハビリテーション , convalescent rehabilitation , 機能的自立度評価法 , Functional Independence Measure pp.749-756
Published Date 2020/8/18
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It remains unclear how much rehabilitation training is suitable for stroke patients aged ≥ 75 years. To investigate this, especially in convalescent rehabilitation wards, we studied 65 patients (28, ≦ 74 years;37 ≧ 75 years) with cerebral infarction hospitalized in the acute care ward and then in a convalescent rehabilitation ward. From their medical records, we collected data regarding the length of their hospital stay, total amount of rehabilitation training, and activities of daily living evaluated using the total scores of the functional independent measure (FIM) measured on admission to the acute care and convalescent rehabilitation wards, respectively. From these data, we calculated the absolute functional gain, relative functional gain, and average amount of rehabilitation training per day. The correlation of each item and age was analyzed. Items that significantly correlated with age were compared between ≦ 74 and ≧ 75 years age groups. As a result, the absolute functional gain and average amount of rehabilitation training per day were not significantly different between groups. The relative functional gain was significantly lower in the ≧ 75 years group than in the ≦ 74 years group. The total FIM scores at discharge showed a positive correlation with the amount of rehabilitation training in patients aged ≧ 75 years. We believe that a large amount of rehabilitation training is beneficial for patients aged ≧ 75 years with cerebral infarction.

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