Approaches to persistent speech errors in children with speech sound disorders Yuko Ogata 1 1Kurashige Pediatrics Clinic Keyword: 特異的構音操作の誤り , 言語聴覚士 , 言語療法 , speech sound disorders , speech-language-hearing therapists , speech therapy pp.3-10
Published Date 2020/3/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.6001200259
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 Certain speech errors in children with speech sound disorders are difficult to treat and speech therapy may be prolonged to remediate them. However, speech sound disorders can be resolved with appropriate treatment, and even prevented with appropriate early intervention. The author discusses several key points for consideration on how to approach speech sound disorders including: 1) confirmation of the presence or absence of a structural abnormality and the need for interdisciplinary cooperation with other professionals, 2) perceptual evaluation of utterances, 3) differences in the manner of articulation of proper speech sounds and erroneous speech sounds, and how to guide the production of proper speech sounds, 4) early intervention to help prevent the development of maladaptive speech errors, and 5) provision of effective feedback on sound production.

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