Two-stage laparoscopic hernia repair for De Garengeot hernia : A case report Ken ICHIKAWA 1 , Akiyoshi NEMOTO 1 , Yasuo KATSUMINE 1 1Department of Surgery, Mie Prefectural Shima Hospital Keyword: 大腿ヘルニア虫垂嵌頓 , 腹腔鏡 pp.398-404
Published Date 2020/9/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.4426200837
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 A 53-year-old man presented with right inguinal pain and swelling that had persisted for 3 days and visited a nearby physician with worsening symptoms. An inguinal hernia was suspected to be incarcerated, and he was referred to our hospital. Abdominal ultrasonography and abdominal computed tomography revealed an incarcerated appendix in the right femoral hernia (De Garengeot hernia), and emergency laparoscopic surgery was performed. Inflammation and ascites were observed around the incarcerated appendix. Laparoscopic appendectomy was performed, and the hernia sac was reflected and ligated out of consideration for mesh-related complications. On the 28th day after the first surgery, transabdominal preperitoneal repair was performed. As shown in this case, two-stage laparoscopic hernia repair is considered to be a useful treatment option in terms of mesh infection and curability for De Garengeot hernia.

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