A case of rectovesical fistula due to rectal diverticulitis radically treated by laparoscopic rectal resection Roko HAMADA 1 , Takuto IKEDA 1 , Takahiro NISHIDA 1 , Fumiaki KAWANO 1 , Shinsuke TAKENO 1 , Atsushi NANASHIMA 1 1University of Miyazaki Faculty of Medicine Department of Surgery Keyword: 直腸膀胱瘻 , 腹腔鏡 , 直腸憩室炎 pp.157-162
Published Date 2020/5/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.4426200795
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 A 67-year-old male who had lower abdominal pain was diagnosed as having rectovesical fistula due to rectal diverticulitis with complicated stenosis and intrapelvic abscess formation. Although the temporal colostomy was performed to control the local inflammation, patient's condition due to rectovesical fistula became worse. Four years after the first treatment, radical laparoscopic rectal resection was performed, retaining colostomy. The patient's condition improved dramatically. Pathogenesis of rectovesical fistula due to diverticulitis is complicated. However, since it is basically a benign disease, the minimized operation to maintain rectal functions is preferable. We report this successful case of laparoscopic surgery in a patient with rectovesical fistula due to diverticulitis.

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