The efficacy of intracorporeal reconstruction for left-sided colon cancer Yuki MOCHIDA 1 , Akinari NOMURA 1 , Shin AKAGAWA 1 , Norihiro SHIMOIKE 1 , Daisuke YAGI 1 , Satoshi YAMANOKUCHI 1 , Seiichiro KANAYA 1 1Department of Surgery, Osaka Red Cross Hospital Keyword: 体内再建 , 完全腹腔鏡下 , 左側結腸癌 pp.461-467
Published Date 2019/11/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.4426200746
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 Laparoscopic resection for left-sided colon cancer usually requires mobilization of the splenic flexure and SD junction, which is accompanied by complicated maneuver. Intracorporeal reconstruction could reduce unnecessary mobilization of the colon and mesocolon while keeping sufficient CME (complete mesocolic excision) and CVL (central vascular ligation). The aims of this study were to show the procedure of intracorporeal reconstruction and to compare operative outcomes between intracorporeal reconstruction (n=8) and extracorporeal reconstruction (n=13). There was no significant difference in terms of complications. In the intracorporeal group, operative time was shorter(median 247 vs 290min., p=0.10) but not significant and intraoperative blood loss was significantly less than in the extracorporeal reconstruction group(3 vs 37ml, p=0.01). To prevent intra-abdominal contamination by bacteria and tumor cells, sufficient chemical and mechanical bowel preparation, smooth suturing of the entry hole and enough abdominal lavage were important. Under strict indication, intracorporeal reconstruction for left-sided colon could be a useful surgical option.

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