KANGO-KENKYU Volume 29, Issue 5 (October 1996)

A Study on the Endogenous-exogenous Factors in the Urinary Incontinence and Home Care Nursing about Elderly at Home Tomoko (FUKANOKI) KAMEI 1 , Setsu SHMANOUCHI 1 , Masayuki HAYASHI 2 1Tokyo Medical and Dental University Faculty of Medicine 2The Institute of Public Health pp.399-412
Published Date 1996/10/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1681900362
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The present study was made not only to clarifyendogenous factors (physical and psychological fac-tor of the subjects) and exogenous factors (caregi-ver residential environment, social assistance) inthe urinary incontinence of elderly persons at homeundergoing publie visiting nursing, both by sexesand by age-groups [65-74 years (young old), 75-84years (middle old), more than 85 years (old old)],but also to examine nursing care problems at home.

The subjects were 252 elderly persons>65 years(46.8% of all subjects), who were detected for uri-nary incontinence by incontinence screening exami-nation from among 538 subjects (224 males, 314 fe-males), who underwent visiting nursing by PublicHealth Centers, and the health and welfare depart-ment of intra-metropolitan S Ward from April 1992to August 1994.

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