Published Date 1953/8/20
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1492200942

NIHO states that, in his opinion, the ques-tion of relation of chronic sinusitis to allergic manifestations in this country resolves itself to that of production of alleagy which is bacterial in origin or due to its bi-product the both of which being, either, the cause or effects of chronic sinusitis. This condition widely differ from its counterpart that seems to exist in the United States, where consensus of opinion is that, where chronic sinusitis appears to be the product the result of irritations caused by presence of hay fever and other relaied allerg-ies. Seasonal recurrence of nasal allergy like a hay fever in this country is rarely met with; even in those who are affected with chronic sinusitis, symptoms are rarely aggravated by seasonal effects. Consequently, the author states that, in treatment of these cases, atten-tion should be given towards elimination of focus of infections in the paranasal sinuses by means of chemotherapy (antihistaminics) and/or operative measures and that which might be directed only towards allergy would be second-ary in importance.

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