Episodic memory and semantic memory. Nobuo OHTA 1 1Institute of Psychology, University of Tsukuba pp.543-552
Published Date 1988/8/10
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1431906207
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 Episodic memory refers to memory for past events in an individual's life. Semantic memory refers to knowledge of the world. Endel Tulving (1972) advocated distinction between episodic and semantic memory, however there are many problems concerning the distinction. Some researchers object to his advocation and support the unitary memory. Some researchers agree with his general idea but point out the ambiguousness of the distinction.

 Tulving (1983) discussed more about the episodic-semantic distinction and showed the table of differences between the two memory systems. The table is divided into three parts : information, operations, and applications as diagnostic features. In this paper I commented on the information and operations. Some of my comments are as follows.

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