BRAIN and NERVE Shinkei Kenkyu no Shinpo Volume 70, Issue 11 (November 2018)

Nonstenotic Carotid Plaque in Patients with Anterior Circulation Embolic Stroke of Undetermined Source Tomoki Hirunagi 1,2 , Shigeru Miwa 1 , Masahisa Katsuno 2 1Department of Neurology, Ogaki Municipal Hospital 2Department of Neurology, Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine Keyword: 塞栓源不明脳塞栓症 , ESUS , 非狭窄性頸動脈プラーク , embolic stroke of undetermined source , nonstenotic carotid plaque pp.1295-1299
Published Date 2018/11/1
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Characteristics of nonstenotic (<50%) carotid plaque in embolic stroke of undetermined source (ESUS) are unclear. This study aimed to clarify the size and properties of carotid plaque in patients with ESUS. We retrospectively analyzed the results of carotid ultrasonography in 17 consecutive patients with anterior circulation ESUS and compared the size and morphology of carotid plaque on the ipsilateral and contralateral sides of the stroke lesion. The mean plaque thickness did not significantly differ between both sides (2.13 vs 1.86 mm, p = 0.54), but the mean noncalcified plaque thickness was greater on the ipsilateral side than on the contralateral side (1.15 vs 0.23mm, p = 0.025). Noncalcified plaque with thickness≥2.5mm was observed on the ipsilateral side in five of 17 patients, but not on the contralateral side, suggesting that noncalcified plaque with thickness≥2.5mm is a potential source of ESUS.

(Received January 29, 2018; Accepted July 21, 2018; Published November 1, 2018)

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