A New Rehabilitation Strategy for Patients with Parkinson Disease: A Proposal of Mentality-Orientated Rehabilitation Yoshiharu Arii 1 , Toshio Inui 1 , Kotaro Asanuma 2 , Yuishin Izumi 2 , Ryuji Kaji 2 , Takao Mitsui 1 1Department of Neurology,Tokushima Hospital,National Hospital Organization 2Department of Neurology,Tokushima University Graduate School Keyword: Parkinson disease , Mentality-orientated Rehabilitation , Disability-orientated Rehabilitation , depression pp.878-883
Published Date 2011/8/1
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1416100979
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 Rehabilitation,a treatment strategy that involves group effort with multiple specialists,roles,and facilities,is widely offered to patients in need. The current rehabilitation strategy is mainly disability oriented,and,in principle,starts from the evaluation of motor function and aims to strengthen the deteriorated function/s. Therefore,this method is very effective for patients with acute diseases. However,the effect of such a rehabilitation strategy on gradually progressive neurodegenerative diseases is not well clarified. In particular,Disability-oriented Rehabilitation has not shown an adequate effect in Parkinson disease,which is associated with psychological stress. In this report,we provide an outline of a new rehabilitation strategy and introduce Mentality-oriented Rehabilitation for patients with Parkinson disease.

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