Robot-aided Training in Rehabilitation Kenji Hachisuk 1 1Department of Rehabilitation Medicine,University of Occupational and Environmental Health Keyword: robot aided-training , rehabilitation , Arm Trainer , Gait Assist Robot , Lokomat , gait training , hemiplegia pp.133-140
Published Date 2010/2/1
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1416100629
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 Recently,new training techniques that involve the use of robots have been used in the rehabilitation of patients with hemiplegia and paraplegia. Robots used for training the arm include the MIT-MANUS,Arm Trainer,mirror-image motion enabler (MIME) robot,and the assisted rehabilitation and measurement (ARM) Guide. Robots that are used for lower-limb training are the Rehabot,Gait Trainer,Lokomat,LOPES Exoskeleton Robot,and Gait Assist Robot. Robot-aided therapy has enabled the functional training of the arm and the lower limbs in an effective,easy,and comfortable manner. Therefore,with this type of therapy,the patients can repeatedly undergo sufficient and accurate training for a prolonged period. However,evidence of the benefits of robot-aided training has not yet been established.

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