A Case of Hydronephrosis Presented High Serum CA19-9 Koji Hiraishi 1 , Masashi Ohmori 1 , Ryoichi Nakanishi 1 , Yoshinori Hayashi 2 , Hisajiro Kumagai 3 Keyword: CA19-9 , 水腎症 pp.477-480
Published Date 2001/5/20
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1413903282
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53 year-o1d male with high serum CA19-9 level had a cystic lesion in right kidney and his digestive organs were demonstrated normal.It was difficult to differentiate renal cyst from hydronephrosis. The puncture of this cystic le-sion was carried out and CA19-9 in the fluid was 220×104U/ml. Serum CA19-9 became normal after injection of minocycline into this lesion. Cystic lesion however returned immediately to preoperative size with elevation of serum CA19-9. The patient underwent right nephrec-tomy, which disclosed cystic lesion was hydronephrosis.Renal pelvic mucosa was strongly stained on immunostain-ing.

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