USEFULNESS OF SCROTAL SCINTIGRAPHY AND THERMOGRAPHY IN DIAGNOSIS OF VARICOCELE Hironobu Akiyama 1 , Atsushi Nagai 1 , Takaharu Ichikawa 1 , Michinoshin Akiyama 1 , Hideo Ozawa 1 , Tadashi Oeda 1 , Hiroyuki Ohmori 1 Keyword: 精索静脈瘤 , 陰嚢部シンチグラフィー , 陰嚢部サーモグラフィー pp.657-659
Published Date 1996/8/20
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1413901870
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We used scrotal scintigraphy and thermography for diagnosing varicocele testis in 28 patients. We compared and investigated the usefulness of both modalities. The positive rates of scrotal scintigraphy and thermography were 79% and 43%, respectively, suggesting that scrotal scintigraphy is more useful means for detection of var-icocele. Howerer, we feel scintigraphy alone is insuffi-cient and the combination of modalities is necessary to make the diagnosis of varicocele.

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