IgG4-related disease mimicking renal pelvic tumor : A case report Shinichiro Mizobuchi 1 , Hitoshi Momose 1 , Yoshitaka Itami 1 , Tomonori Nakahama 1 , Yoshihiro Matsumoto 1 Keyword: 後腹膜線維症 , IgG4関連疾患 pp.939-943
Published Date 2018/10/20
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1413206412
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A 75-year-old man visited our hospital for the purpose of the further examination and the treatment of cancer suspicious lesion of left renal pelvis. Because reevaluation by computed tomography revealed multiple parenchymal lesions in bilateral kidneys, systemic disease rather than renal pelvic cancer was suspected. Percutaneous needle biopsy of the parenchymal lesion was carried out and through the histopathological examination the patient was diagnosed as IgG4-related disease. The patient was treated with predonisolone, and the lesion markedly decreased in size. It is important for urologists to recognize that IgG4-related disease presenting as urological involvements without lesions of any other organs (Rinsho Hinyokika 72 : 939-943, 2018).

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