EXPERIENCES OF TREATMENT WITH PHENOXYBENZAMINE IN NEUROGENIC BLADDER DYSFUNCTION ANALYTICAL STUDIES ACCORDING TO URETHRAL PRESSURE PROFILE AND COMBINED CYSTOMETRY-PERINEAL ELECTROMYOGRAPHY Osamu Nishizawa 1 , Osamu Yamaguchi 1 , Takashi Shioya 1 , Fumikazu Sakamoto 1 , Tadashi Harada 1 , Seigi Tsuchida 1 1Department of Urology, Akita University School of Medicine pp.803-807
Published Date 1977/9/20
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1413202419
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Four cases of neurogenic bladder dysfunction were treated with oral administration of phenoxyben-zamine. Efficacy of the treatment with phenoxybenzamine was evaluated by subjective symptoms related to micturition, measurement of residual urine, urethral pressure profile and combined cystometry-perineal electromyography.

The results were as follows:

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