A case of schwannoma of intraorbital abducens nerve Yasushi Tamura 1 , Kazuko Saito 1 , Hiroyuki Yamamoto 1 , Atsushi Azumi 1 , Akira Negi 1 , Chiho Oobayashi 2 1Dept of Organ Therapeutics (Div of Ophthalmol), Kobe Univ Grad Sch of Med 2Dept of Pathol, Kobe Univ Hosp pp.581-584
Published Date 2002/4/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1410907691
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A 65-year-old male had received magnetic resonance imaging for visual disturbances. A tumor was de-tected in the right orbital apex and the patient was referred to us. He was free of proptosis or ocular motility disorders. The tumor was located within the muscle cone, was well-demarcated, and measured 25×12 mm in size. The tumor was excised transcranially 8 weeks later. The tumor extended from the orbital apex towards the cavernous sinus through the superior orbital fissure. It proved to be a schwannoma histopathologically. Abducens palsy developed after surgery, suggesting the schwannoma to have originated from the abducens nerve. Abducens palsy and diplopia disap-peared 5 months later. This case illustrates the effectiveness of surgery for schowannoma of intraorbital abducens nerve.

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