Rinsho Ganka Volume 53, Issue 3 (March 1999)

A case of multiple endocrine neoplasia with thickening of corneal nerves Hiroko Yamamoto 1 , Chikako Katakami 1 , Akira Miyauchi 2 1Dept of Ophthalmol, Kobe Univ Sch of Med 2Dept of Surg, Kuma Hosp pp.349-352
Published Date 1999/3/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1410906235
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A 23-year-old was referred to us for ophthalmological evaluations. She had noted neck swelling 5 months before, which led to the detection of thyroid enlargement and the diagnosis of type 2B of multiple endocrine neoplasia. As the sole ophthalmological disorder, both eyes showed prominently thickened and branching corneal nerves which extended from the limbal area to the central cornea. This case illustrates the possibility of early detection of this disorder by corneal manifestations.

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53巻3号 (1999年3月)
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