Effect of topical isopropyl unoprostone in addition to prior antiglaucomatous medication Mikako Koike 1 , Shinobu Yamagata 1 , Takuya Oshida 1 , Hisayo Kubota 1 , Yusuke Tsuchiya 1 , Tetsuo Tochikubo 1 1First Dept of Ophthalmol, Toho Univ Sch of Med pp.1109-1113
Published Date 1998/6/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1410905929
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We treated 109 eyes of 61 glaucoma patients by additional instillation of isopropyl unoprostone. All of the patients were using topical antiglaucomatous medications. The majority of eyes showed gradual decrease in intraocular pressure (TOP) after start of additional treatment during the follow up for an average of 16.7 months. Eyes with primary open angle glaucoma or normal tension glaucoma showed a tendency for the TOP to return to the initial level after 12 months. This tendency was more pronounced in cases treated by beta-blocker agents. The findings suggest that the ocular hypotensive effect of adjunctive isopropyl unoprostone is variable according to the prior medications and to the duration of the former.

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