New contact lenses for vitreous surgery Akio Yamanaka 1 , Kenji Oshima 2 , Fumitaka Ando 4 , Hiroshi Goto 5 , Teruyuki Ikeuchi 1 , Katsuhiko Nakamae 6 , Koichi Takakura 7 , Suguru Yamamoto 8 , Kuniomi Abe 9 , Toshio Ohashi 10 1Department of Ophthalmology, Kobe Kaisei Hospital 2Dept. of Ophthalmol., Fukuoka Univ. 3Dept. of Ophthalmol., Bonn Univ. 4Dept. of Ophthalmol., Nagoya Univ. 5Dept. of Ophthalmol., Shin-nittetsu Hirohata Hosp. 6Fac. of Eng., Kobe Univ. 7Cent. Res. Labo., Kuraray Co., Ltd. 8Tech. Res. Inst., Nitto Electr. Ind. Co., Ltd. 9Konan Camera Res. Inst. Inc. 10Sun Contact Lens Co., Ltd. pp.1129-1134
Published Date 1984/11/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1410209276
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 We designed two types of new contact lenses to be used during vitreous surgery. One is the floating contact lens made of PMMA with a hydrophilic surface which enables surgery under wettable conditions. The other is an infusion contact lens, made of quartz, with an illumination system which allows observation of the fundus without creating scleral wound. The illumination is located either at a fixed position of the contact lens or at a variable position.

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