Insufficiency Fracture of the Pelvic Girdle Initially Suspected of Being a Skeletal Metastasis. Report of 8 Cases Takayoshi SUZUKI 1 , Hirohisa KATAGIRI 1 , Hideki MURATA 1 , Junji WASA 1 , Seiichi HOSAKA 1 , Tetsuo SHIMOYAMA 1 , Mitsuru TAKAHASHI 1 1Division of Orthopaedic Oncology, Shizuoka Cancer Center Hospital Keyword: 脆弱性骨折(insufficiency fracture) , 骨転移(bone metastasis) pp.1119-1125
Published Date 2012/11/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1408102520
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 Insufficiency fracture (IF) is a rare stress fracture that occurs in patients with weak bones. We report eight cases in which the patient was initially suspected of having a skeletal metastasis, but was later diagnosed with an insufficiency fracture of the pelvis. All of the patients were female, and their mean age was 65.6 years (range:38 to 76 years). All of the patients presented with low back and/or buttock pain, and three patients also experienced groin pain. The etiology of the bone loss was previous radiotherapy in 3 cases, cancer chemotherapy in 2 cases, corticosteroid therapy for a brain tumor in 1case, and osteoporosis in 2 cases. In seven patients the diagnosis of stress fracture was made on the basis of the imaging findings alone, but needle biopsy was required in the other patient. The symptoms of all of the patients were relieved by treatment for osteoporosis. It is important to be aware of this rare condition and to avoid confusion with skeletal metastasis, especially in patients with a past history of malignancy.

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