Estimation of Japanese Normative Value in Age and Gender Categories of Roland-Morris Disability Questionnaire Natsuko Takahashi 1,2 , Shin-ichi Kikuchi 3 , Shun-ichi Fukuhara 2 , Yoshimi Suzukamo 2 , Shin-ichi Konno 3 , Satoshi Morita 2 , Yukihide Iwamoto 4 , Takashi Nakamura 5 1Institute for Health Outcomes & Process Evaluation Research 2Department of Epidemiology and Health Care Research,Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine and Public Health 3Department of Orthopaedic Surgery,Fukushima University School of Medicine 4Department of Orthopaedic Surgery,Graduate School of Medical Sciences,Kyushu University 5Department of Orthopaedic Surgery,Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine Keyword: low back pain(腰痛) , low back pain-specific QOL(腰痛特異的QOL尺度) , norm score(基準値) pp.315-320
Published Date 2004/3/1
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1408100395
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[Purpose]The aim of this study was to estimate the norm scores of Low Back Pain(LBP)-specific Quality of Life(QOL)questionnaire,according to age and sex.[Method]Cross-sectional population based study was conducted in 2002. 4,500 residents(age:20~80)in Japan were sampled in two-stage stratified random sampling framework. The self-administered questionnaire included Roland-Morris Disability Questionnaire(RDQ),prevalence of LBP and their backgrounds such sex,age etc. We defined LBP as pain from L2 and L3 to buttock and continued for at least 24 hours. RDQ is LBP-specific QOL scale,which was developed by Roland M and Morris R. This scale's score ranges from 0 to 24 points. The higher RDQ score is the worse QOL.[Result]RDQ mean score of people with LBP were 3.67 for male,4.22 for female and 3.97 for whole. Additionally,RDQ norm score of all responders were1.54 for male,1.75 for female,1.65 for whole.[Conclusion]Japanese normative RDQ score in age and gender categories were estimated from those randomly sampled from community residents in Japan. Those scores are expected to be used for various types of studies as reference values.

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