Carotid Body Tumor Takuro Ogata 1 , Takuzo Oda 2 1Department of Surgery and Neurosurgery, Okayama University Medical School 2Department of Pathology, Okayama University Medical School pp.565-568
Published Date 1958/8/1
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1406200701
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A case of the carotid body tumor in a 23-year-old female is described. The tumor is known to have existed for at least three years before surgical treatment was perfor-med in our clinic. From the operative fin-dings the neoplastic tissue was found to be closely adherent to the wall of the carotid arteries but the tumor was completely extir-pated without ligation of the arteries.

The histopathologic changes exhibited the typical structure of carotid body tumor, and the chromaffin cells were successfully demo-nstrated in the tissue.

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