A case of cardioinhibitory type of carotid sinus syndrome Motonobu Hayano 1 , Kazuhiro Takayanagi 1 , Mitsuhiro Tsuruta 1 , Osamu Hano 1,2 , Shinichiro Ozeki 1 , Junichi Inoue 1 , Yoichi Imamura 1 , Shuzo Matsuo 1 1Division of Cardiology, The Department of Internal Medicine, Saga Medical School pp.209-214
Published Date 1986/2/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1404204827
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A 52 years old man was admitted to our hospital because of dizziness and bradycardia. His ECG show-ed sinus bradycardia, sinus arrest and sinoatrial block associated with AV junctional escape beats. Right carotid sinus stimulation produced a 5.4 sec-ond ventricular asystole and decrease of systolic blood pressure of 45mmHg. The hyperactive caro-tid reflex by carotid sinus stimulation disappeared when 1mg of atropine was administered intrave-nously. These findings made convincingly the diag-nosis of cardioinhibitory type of carotid sinus syn-drome. He had a normal corrected sinus nodal recovery time (150ms) after atropine of 1mg. He was given cardioactive drug of orciprenaline sulfate, 60mg, and has been free of symptom.

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