Disturbance of Urogenital Function following Sympathectomy. Seizo Yoshida 1 , Asakatsu Suzuki 1 1Toda Surgical Dept. of Nagoya University, Medical School pp.149-153
Published Date 1953/5/1
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1406200344
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The surgery of the sympathetic nervous sys-tem made remarkable progress in recent years. Consequently, sympathectom.y is earring out for many diseases and obtains satisfactory re-sults.

Recently, the secondary effects following sympathectomy, particularly as regards sexual function, have been discussed in foreign count-ries. While, it is a matter for regret that the investigation about the disturbance of sexual function is scarcely reported in our country. We investigated into this uro-genital function following sympathectomy about the patients who underwent sympathectomy in our surgery and obtained following results:-

In the lumbodorsal sympathectomy 109 cases (partly containing thoracolumbal cases), 9 cases, or 23.9 per cent had disturbance of micturition; 5 cases, or 4.6 per cent had disturbance of defecation; 14 cases, or 13.9 per cent had dis-turbance of erection; 15 cases, or 14.9 per cent had disturbance of ejaculation; 13 cases, or 11.9 per cent had disturbance of orgasm and 2 cases or 25 per cent had change of menses. Namaly, we found 24 cases, or 22.0 per cent of 109 cases had disturbance of uro-genital function.

On the other hand, we did the some investi-gation into 34 cases who underwent resection of carotic glands, cervical and thoracic sympathi-cus, and 4 cases, or 11 per cent had disturba-nce of uro-genital function.

As in our country sympathectomy have been chiefly carried out to spontaneous gangrene whi-ch make an attack on manhood, this distur-bance of sexual function is of great importance. So, we must be select carefully indications of this operation.

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