Seishin Igaku Volume 30, Issue 2 (February 1988)

Postpsychotic Collapse and Transitional Objects in a Recovery Process of a Schizophrenic Yoshio Mino 1 , Ikuko Nagamatsu 2 , Sadanobu Ushijima 3 1Department of Public Health, Kochi Medical School 2Department of Psychiatry, Geshi Hospital 3Department of Psychiatry, Medical School, Fukuoka University Keyword: Schizophrenia , Postpsychotic collapse , Transitional object , Recovery process , Nonverbal communication pp.141-147
Published Date 1988/2/15
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 It is necessary to clarify the recovery process in schizophrenia. But the approach to schizophrenics is not easy because of their poor verbal communication.

 We presented a case in which the patient was a 30-year-old male with schizophrenia. His recovery process was divided into two phases. The first was the phase of irritability and the second was that of postpsychotic collapse (PPC). Two transitional objects were observed in his recovery process, the first being a toy in the phase of irritability and the second, flowers in the phase of PPC.

 We discussed the role of the transitional objects in his recovery process. The transitional objects were needed for the reconstruction of his ego-boundary and his recovery from ego-exhaustion. They also played an important role in nonverbal communication between the patient and the therapists.

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30巻2号 (1988年2月)
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