Work status after coronary artery bypass grafting Tohru Kobayashi 1 , Takashi Yoshino 1 , Tadafumi Oda 1 , Ryuichi Matsumura 1 , Yoshiyuki Fudemoto 1 , Hajime Hirose 2 , Susumu Nakano 2 , Yasunaru Kawashima 2 1Department of Circulatory Dynamics, The Center for Adult Diseases 2First Department of Surgery, Osaka University Medical School pp.389-393
Published Date 1988/4/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1404205233
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Postoperative work status was studied in 95 pa-tients more than 6 months following coronary artery bypass. The employment rate was 84% preopera-tively, and 79% postoperatively. Of 80 patients employed preoperatively, 94% of were employed postoperatively, with 71% returning to the same work without any limitation. Postoperative angina, positive exercise ECG and occlusion of grafts signifi-cantly influenced postoperative employment rate and the rate of return to the same work. Laborers had the lower rate of postoperative return to the same work than those in other categories of occupation. Aged patients were less likely, though insignifican-tly, to be employed postoperatively. Post-transfusion hepatitis did not influence postoperative employment status. These findings suggested the inhibition of postoperative ischemia in patients returning to work.

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