Endoscopic Diagnosis of Colorectal Tumors Using Artificial Intelligence Yutaka Saito 1 , Masayoshi Yamada 1 , Taku Sakamoto 1 , Hiroyuki Takamaru 1 , Masau Sekiguchi 1 , Takahisa Matsuda 1 , Yutaka Okagawa 1 , Seiichiro Abe 1 , Yasuhiko Mizuguchi 1 , Kengo Kasuga 1 , Mai Ego 1 , Hourin Cho 1 1Endoscopy Division, National Cancer Center Hospital, Tokyo Keyword: ADR , PCCRC , detection , 病変発見 , characterization , 質的診断 , 非顆粒型側方発育型腫瘍 , LST-NG pp.462-471
Published Date 2021/4/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403202302
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 Early detection, resection, and treatment of precancerous adenomas and early-stage cancers have been proven to reduce not only the morbidity but also the mortality associated with CRC(colorectal cancer). Because of the inverse correlation with the incidence of post-colonoscopy CRC, it is desirable to use AI(artificial intelligence)to aid in endoscopy without missing anything. At present, three types of AI, i.e., ENDOBRAIN, CAD-EYE, and WISE-VISION, have been approved by pharmaceutical authorities in Japan and are capable of detecting colorectal tumors and assisting in their characterization.

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