Stomach and Intestine(Tokyo) Volume 54, Issue 9 (August 2019)

Use of Syu・Ha・Ri in Stomach X-ray Examination:Radiography and Reading Method Study Aids Keita Nakahara 1,2 , Toshinobu Mizumachi 1,2 , Yu Takagi 2 , Hiroaki Kato 2 , Ryo Tamura 2 , Kohei Miyamoto 2 , Kazuhiro Mori 2 , Koji Nakao 2 , Yuji Ishimoto 2 , Takeshi Miyazaki 2 , Hidesuke Morita 2 , Hiroshi Takamiya 2 , Susumu Maekawa 2 1Saga Health Foundation, Saga, Japan 2Hazenokikai, Rokkakukai(stomach X-ray examination study group) Keyword: 守・破・離 , 胃X線検査の技能修得指針 , 撮影と読影 pp.1217-1226
Published Date 2019/8/25
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 For past stomach X-ray examination, the stance of screening examination and the detailed examination included estrangement.

 Therefore, a common arrival target was set to both and inspection precision was increased while synchronizing radiography and the skill of reading.

 Test person factor, environmental factor, and hard and soft factor can affect the inspection process, and various degrees of difficulty occur under such influence.

 The concept of “Syu, Ha, Ri,” which is a way of master and pupil relations and the technical tradition in the Japanese martial arts and field of traditional arts, can reduce discrepancies in inspection precision according to the degree of difficulty.

 Radiography and reading method study aids were developed as a graded skill acquirement guidance of stomach radiography.

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