Stomach and Intestine(Tokyo) Volume 54, Issue 9 (August 2019)

Standard Imaging Method and Interpretation of X-ray Images for Gastric Cancer Screening Toshifumi Yoshida 1 , Yuki Sunou 1 , Yoshinori Sugino 1 , Yujiro Nakamura 2 , Nagamu Inoue 1 , Kazuhiro Kashiwagi 1 , Takashi Seino 1 , Rieko Bessho 1 , Yasushi Iwao 1 1Center for Preventive Medicine, Keio University Hospital, Tokyo 2Department of Radiation Technology, Keio University Hospital, Tokyo Keyword: 基準撮影法 , 両肩当て・左向き手技 , 胃がん検診 , 読影基準 , 肉眼的異型度 pp.1203-1214
Published Date 2019/8/25
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 Imaging methods for improving the accuracy of X-ray screening for gastric cancer are presently gaining popularity throughout Japan, and imaging procedures and postures require standardization. To further improve the quality of the standard double-contrast frontal view images in the abdominal position with head down tilt, our center uses the “technique of using two shoulder pads and facing left”.

 While the accuracy of the examination depends on the interpretation of the radiographic images, presently, there are no frameworks or standard rules for judging image interpretation. The clinical classification of visual atypia as reported by Baba et al. is a basic finding that helps determine benign and malignant lesions. It also serves as a guideline to determine benign and malignant lesions on X-ray screening for gastric cancer.

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