Tips of Colonoscopic Insertion Technique:A Soft Thin Colonoscope Yusuke Saitoh 1 , Takahiro Sasaki 1 , Ryuji Sugiyama 1 , Motoya Tominaga 1 , Ryuji Sukegawa 1 , Yuhei Inaba 1 , Ken-ichiro Ozawa 1 , Masaki Taruishi 1 1Digestive Disease Center, Asahikawa City Hospital, Asahikawa, Japan Keyword: 大腸内視鏡検査 , 挿入法 , 観察法 , 細径スコープ , 受動彎曲機能 pp.1163-1169
Published Date 2017/8/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403201146
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 It is important to keep the colonoscope straight to perform a minimally uncomfortable colonoscopy. The tube insertion using push method cannot be avoided in patients with intrapelvic bowel adhesion ; thin, elderly female patients with long colons ; and patients in whom the access to the colon is difficult due to various factors ; in such cases, a colonoscopy will be very uncomfortable. However, a soft, thin colonoscope will be suitable for tube insertion with less discomfort in cases where it has been difficult to get to the cecum using a conventional soft and thin scope. Olympus PCF-PQ260 is equipped with the new technologies passive bending and high force transmission insertion tube, enabling easy tube insertion and access to the cecum with minimal patient discomfort. Between May 2005 and December 2015, 4,029 colonoscopies were performed using PCF-PQ260, without conscious sedation. The average discomfort value was 2.6±2.5 in patients with difficulty factors such as colonic adhesion and long colon and 1.05±1.7 in patients without any difficulty factors, as evaluated by a numerical rating scale. We think this discomfort score is satisfactory. On the contrary, when using PCF-PQ260, it is difficult to perform a comfortable colonoscopy, especially in obese male patients, because the scope is thin and soft. Thus, for thin patients or female patients with suspected bowel adhesion, the PCF-PQ260 should be positioned as a backup scope for the conventional one.

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