Hyperplastic Polyp:Viewed by an Endoscopist Mineo Iwatate 1 , Wataru Sano 1 , Yasuko Hisano 1 , Santa Hattori 1 , Noriaki Hasuike 1 , Akihiro Ichiyanagi 2 , Taro Ikumoto 3 , Masahito Kotaka 3 , Yasushi Sano 1 , Takahiro Fujimori 4 1Endoscopy Division, Gastrointestinal Center, Sano Hospital, Kobe, Japan 2Radiology Division, Sano Hospital, Kobe, Japan 3Surgery Division, Gastrointestinal Center, Sano Hospital, Kobe, Japan 4Department of Surgical and Molecular Pathology, Dokkyo Medical University School of Medicine, Tochigi, Japan Keyword: 過形成性ポリープ(HP) , SSA/P , 治療指針 , serrated pathway , alternative pathway pp.1103-1109
Published Date 2013/7/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403113879
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 The concept of classical HP(hyperplastic polyp)considered as non-neoplastic polyp has changed during the last several decades. It has been found that classical HP includes lesions with malignant potential and they have been defined as SSA/P(sessile serrated polyp/adenoma). If we could resect only SSA/P, it would be ideal. Unfortunately, so far, it has been difficult to differentiate SSA/P(neoplastic)from HP(non-neoplastic)during real-time colonoscopy. We have proposed a simple treatment strategy for SSA/P and HP made by their size and location.

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