Diverticulitis in Children Kazuhiko Yoshimoto 1 , Hirotsugu Terakura 1 , Saori Hiki 1 , Hiromi Ogata 1 1Department of Pediatric Surgery, Japanese Red Cross Kumamoto Hospital, Kumamoto, Japan Keyword: 小児 , 大腸憩室炎 , 超音波 , 急性腹症 pp.1135-1140
Published Date 2012/6/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403113527
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 Diverticulitis remains a rare condition in the pediatric population. The clinical presentation mimics other conditions, and the correct diagnosis is often difficult. We report seven cases of right-sided diverticulitis mimicking acute appendicitis. Five children in the cases were diagnosed as diverticulitis by ultrasonography(US)and the other two cases were diagnosed by CT or operation, because US could not depict the normal appendix on initial examination.

 As right-sided diverticulitis can be diagnosed with ultrasonography, it should be considered in cases of clinically suspected appendicitis with a sonographically normal appendix.

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