A Case of Lymphosarcoma of the Esophagus H. Yamagiwa 1 1Dept. of Clinical Pathology, Mie Prefectural University, School of Medicine pp.575-580
Published Date 1974/5/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403111837
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 Malignant non-epithelial tumors of the esophagus have rarely been reported in Japan. Until 1968 there have been only 11 reported cases of leiomyosarcoma,11 of melanoma,6 of unclassified anaplastic sarcoma,4 of fibrosarcoma,1 each of hemangiosarcoma and rhabdomyosarcoma and 3 of malignant lymphoma.

 A 57-year-old man with comlaints of cough and sputum was diagnosed to harbor a mediastinal tumor by x-ray examination. The operation revealed a fusiform tumor,12×6 cm in size, in the upper one third of the esophagus. Microscopically the tumor was diagnosed as Lymphosarcoma.

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