A Case of Duodenal Polyp Hiroshi Yamagiwa 1 1Dept. of Pathology, Mie Prefectural University, School of Medicine pp.681-684
Published Date 1970/6/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403111295
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 Next to the cecum, non-epithelial tumors favor the duodenum as their site of growth, but polyp (epithelial, adenoma) is also relatively often observed in it.

 There are 2 types of' duodenal polyp; the first is due to hyperplasia of the epithelial element in the lamina propria, and the second to hyperplasia of the Brunner's glands. Of 30 cases of duodenal polyp reported so far in Japan, 22 are due to the latter. The first type is more often reported in foreign countries and its preferential site is the papilla, while in Japan duodenal polyp is most often found in the bulb, probably because of difference of the tissue structure. Its age incidence ranges from 20 to over 70, more often in the age groups of 50 to over 60. Gastric juice is mostly anacidic. Canceration was found in 2 of 30 cases (6.6%).

 In this paper is a report of adenomatous polyp of the duodenum encountered in a 40-year-old male. There were besides 2 adenomatous polyps in the stomach having similar findings to those of the giant rugae. They were all excised sucessfully.

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