Relationship between Development of Cancer or Ulcer and Parasitic Eggs of Schistosomia Japonicum in Gastrectomized Specimen Hiromichi Yano 1 11st Surgical Department, Kurume University School of Meicine pp.675-679
Published Date 1970/6/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403111294
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 During the 13 years May 1957 to April 1965 542 cases of gastric ulcer and 444 of gastric cancer, confirmed as such later by histopathological investigations, underwent partial or total gastrectomy. The eggs of schistosoma japonicum were found in 21 cases (2.1%) out of the total of 986.

 The male by far predominated over the female: male, 16 cases, female, 4. Classified according to the varieties of gastric diseases, gastric cancer amounted to 17 cases; gastric ulcer, 4. All of cancer cases belonged to adenocarcinoma histologically.

 Gross observation of the liver has shown that findings of liver cirrhosis have been observed in 4 cases of gastric cancer and in 1 of gastric ulcer.

 The eggs of schistosoma japonicum have been mostly found in the submucosal layer with a few in the mucosal stroma. Eggs have been found in some of lymph nodes as well.

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