The Diagnosis of Early Gallbladder Cancer: The course of its establishment and the present degree it has reached Tadayoshi Takemoto 1 1The First Department of Internal Medicine, Yamaguchi University, School of Medicine pp.475-481
Published Date 1986/5/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403110290
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 Although a well organized study on diagnosis of early gallbladder cancer has just started, with the advance and wide use of ultrasonography in this field, much attention among the researchers has been paid to how to diagnose this disease in its curable stage.

 In this article, the advance of diagnostic technique is introduced through a presentation of literature produced about it annually.

 At present, we can say confidently that, along with progress in imaging, the diagnosis of elevated type of gallbladder cancer has become much easier, needless to say, this great advance has been made only during the past few years.

 Now, some new trials for early detection of gallbladder cancer have been performed. The result is that we have reached a stage which shows great promise for the establishment, in the very near future, of a process for the early diagnosis of gallbladder cancer.

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