Villous Tumor of the Large Bowel: Definition and Treatment Tetsuichiro Muto 1 1The First Department of Surger, Faculty of Medicine, University of Tokyo pp.1365-1372
Published Date 1986/12/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403110086
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 In order to carry out proper management, definition of villous tumor (V.T.) should be correctly understood. Villous tumor is only a clinical or gross description which can be vinous or tubulovillous adenoma histologically. It may contain a focus of minute carcinoma (focal carcinoma) which will be only diagnosed histologically but V.T. with macroscopically recognized malignancy is not regarded as V.T. In other words V.T. is a macroscopically benign lesion.

 Treatment of V.T. is either radical or conservative, the latter being preferable. It can be safely and adequately treated by local excision or fulguration. Anterior resection or abdominoperineal excision is indicated only when the tumor is too large to do local excision or the presence of invasive carcinoma can not be ruled out.

 Our limited experience of 11 villous tumors included 5 early carcinomas, and all of them except one were treated by local excision with one local recurrence without operative death. It is emphasized that definition of V.T, is to be correctly understood and V.T. is adequately treated by local excision only.

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