Forty-seven Lesions of Colorectal Villous Tumors Masaaki Matsukawa 1 1Department of Internal Medicine, Juntendo University, School of Medicine pp.1317-1324
Published Date 1986/12/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403110058
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 Histological study was made on the 47 lesions of villous tumors in 45 cases seen at Juntendo University and Chiba Cancer Hospital. Not a single advanced cancer was found in our series of patients. Villous tumors consisting of villous adenoma (21 lesions) and villotubular adenoma (26 lesions) were classified into three types (pedunculated, sessile and plaqueike types) based on their macroscopic findings.

 Pedunculated type was observed more often than the other two and as large as at least 1 cm in diameter. A stalk of the tumor was demonstrated by double contrast barium enema in 92% of the lesions. Sessile type was larger than 0.6 cm in diameter and the one with mucosal cancer, larger than 2 cm in diameter. This type was demonstrated as tumor with nodular surface by radiology.

 Plaque-like type was larger than 2 cm in diameter and the one with mucosal cancer, larger than 4 cm in diameter. Barium enema showed this type as reticular or nodular pattern.

 Radiographic picture of a colorectal tumor with nodular surface or shaggy margin was very helpful in diagnosing villous tumor larger than 2. 0 cm in diameter.

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