A Case Report of Villous Tumor of the Rectum K. Tanaka 1 , Y. Okada 1 , T. Tomioka 1 , A. Tanaka 2 , T. Imai 3 1First Department of Internal Medicine, Fukuoka University School of Medicine 2First Department of Surgery, Fukuoka University 3First Department of Pathology, Fukuoka University pp.633-639
Published Date 1976/5/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403107260
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 Villous tumor of the colon is rare in Japan. This report deals with a 61 year-old female who had a villous tumor in the rectum with muscular microinvasion. She had complained of small amount mucous bloody stools several times before admission. Barium enema and rectosigmoidoscopy disclosed a nodular flat-polypoid mass in the rectum. Grossly this tumor was irregulary ovoid in shape, measuring 9.5×4.5 cm in size. The surface of the tumor was roughly uneven, giving a cauliflower-like appearance. Microscopically, villus-like projections lined by a single layer of tall columnar epithelium characterized this tumor. The lining cells were large in size, having dark cytoplasm, and large ovoid hyperchromatic nuclei with prominent nucleoli. Pseudostratification and mitosis were seen. We could not conclude that this tumor had originated from villous papilloma, because the tumor in this case was made up of neoplastic elements showing neither high cellular nor marked structural atypism and because the transition between glands of different grades of atypicality was gradual. Moreover the portion of muscular microinvasion of the tumor was the same in histological findings as were seen other tumor areas. Two possibilities, namely, an origination from de novo carcinoma and a malignant transformatin of pre-existent benign villous tumor, may be considered concerning the histogenesis of this tumor.

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