Progress in the Diagnosis of Gastric Ulcer in the Last Twenty Years Kenji Kumakura 1 , Yoshiyuki Sekine 1 , Hiroshi Imai 1 , Yoshinori Sugino 2 1Department of Diagnostic, Radiology, School of Medicine, Keio University pp.135-144
Published Date 1985/2/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403109686
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 The radiographic diagnosis of gastric ulcer had made its progress through investigation of niche and deformity sign of stomach for the 20 years since the last war. The following developments have been made in the last 20 years.

 1) The radiographic diagnosis of gastric ulcer has been discussed in correlation with process of healing, assessment of healing and recurrence.

 2) Gastric deformities causing linear ulcer and multiple ulcer has been analyzed in detail.

 3) Radiographic diagnosis of acute gastric ulcer has been started.

 4) Malignant ulcer has become to be more definitely distinguished from benign ulcer.

 5) Radiographic diagnosis of gastric ulcer has been considered according to its location such as body, antrum, prepyloric region, greater curvature and upper portion of the stomach.

 The mortality of gastric ulcer has markedly decreased in Japan for the last two decades. Recently ulcus callosum has no longer been observed, and the number of linear ulcer has also markedly decreased. Especially, an extensively long linear ulcer has rarely been encountered.

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