Histopathological Studies on Gastric Carcinomas with Calcification K. Matsuki 1 , K. Nakagami 1 , M. Hirono 1 , M. Niimoto 1 , T. Hattori 1 1Department of Surgery, Research Institute for Nuclear Medicine and Biology, Hiroshima University pp.1261-1267
Published Date 1984/11/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403109586
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 Histopathological studies on gastric carcinoma associated with calcification were done.

 Calcifications were found in 9 cases (8.4%) or 10 lesions out of 107 cases of gastric carcinoma studied. Staging of all cases with calcification were advanced cancer, and most of cases were determined as stage Ⅳ by the general rule adapted by the Japanese Society for Gastric Cancer. Few abnormalities of serum electrolites in these cases were found.

 As far as the types of calcification were concerned, mucin pool calcification of six and psammomatous calcification of four lesions were determined according to the Imai's classification. The former calcifications existed in more differentiated tumor tissue and the latter in less differentiated lesions. In addition, calcifications were also found in metastatic foci in two of them, and changes of types of calcifications were associated with these of histological feature of tumor tissues. From these findings, it is suggested that the type of calcification may depend upon the histological differentiation of the tumor.

 It is of interest that calcitonin was stained in two of these lesions ; further observations of calcitonin staining are now in progress.

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