Localized Pseudomyxoma Peritonei Associated with Mucinous Cystadenocarcinoma of the Vermiform Appendix, Report of a Case N. Fujita 1 , F. Mochizuki 1 , K. Matsumoto 1 , S. Itoh 1 , T. Ikeda 1 , D. Iwai 1 , Y. Kaneko 2 , T. Lin 2 , T. Sawai 3 , N. Endoh 3 1Department of Internal Medicine, Sendai City Medical Center 2Department of Surgery, Sendai City Medical Center 3Department of Pathology, Tohoku University, School of Medicine pp.875-882
Published Date 1983/8/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403109446
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 A 29 year-old man was referred and admitted to our hospital after visiting his doctor because of ileocecalagia and noticing tenderness on the ileocecal region. The doctor found a tumor the size of a man's fist there.

 Barium enema study did not visualize the appendix and the medial side of the cecum was compressed in a hemispheric way probably due to an extracolonic mass. Colonofiberscopy revealed two ulcerative lesions on the medial side of the cecum. We could not find the orifice of the appendix. Surgical intervention under a preoperative diagnosis of perityphlic abscess disclosed a tumor greater than a man's fist behind the cecum, ileum and the mesentery. Ileocolectomy was done including the tumor mass. At the time of separation there was a flow of mucoid substance. Histologically, mucinous adenocarcinoma was seen not only in the muscular layer but partly involving the serosa as well. A faily great amount of mucus was seen in the villi and cytoplasms. Macroscopically, no metastasis was recognized either to the liver, lymph nodes or other parts of the peritoneum. The tumor could be called either localized pseudomyxoma peritonei or malignant mucocele.

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