A Study of X-ray Diagnosis of Linear Ulcer of the Stomach Hikoo Shirakabe 1 1Dept. of Surgery, Juntendo Univ., School of Medicine pp.147-156
Published Date 1970/2/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403111196
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 The paper deals with 81 cases of linear ulcer, subjected to close examinations both pre and post-operativeiy, out of 88 such cases which underwent x-ray and endoscopic studies at the First Department of Internal Medicine and were operated on the Surgical Department, Chiba Univ., 1955 through 1966. The author discusses the results of the examinations and draws the following conclusions:

 1. Histological findings

 The incidence of linear ulcer is 17.7%, and 4.9% of it are linear scars. There have been no early gastric cancer existing in the surrounding areas of linear ulcers.

 2. X-ray diagnosis

 Linear ulcer conspicuously shortens the lesser curvature. Generally speaking, the longer the linear ulcer is, the shorter becomes the distance between the pylorus and the ulcer, and the more marked is the deformity of the stomach. In this paper, the shortening of the lesser curvature is classified into five degrees, ++++, +++, ++, + and -, according to the markedness of the gastric deformity. The symbol, ++++ represents the stomach showing pouch-like deformity and ++, the rightanglecl stomach. Most of cases which fall under the ++++ classification have linear ulcers longer than 75mm. About 50% of them in cases of +++ deformity are between 60 and 70 mm long; about 65 % in ++ deformity are from 30 to 45 mm long, and 83% of + and - are less than 30 mm in length. However, linear ulcers of the gastric body and those chiefly situatecl on the anteriar wall or located parallel to the lesser curvattre anrl exceptions, for the shortening of the lesser curvature is slight in these cases as compared with the length of the linear ulcer. The relation between its length and the shortening of the lesser curvature, as mentioned before, is applicable only to 96.3% of linear ulcer. The discovery rate of niche in it is 76.5%. That of linear niche is 63.0%. The diagnostic accuracy is 69.1%. The deformity of the stomach due to the shortening of the lesser curvature is an important finding for the x-ray diagnosis of linear ulcer. Double contrast method in supine position is most effective in demonstrating a linear niche.

 3. Combination of x-ray and endoscopic examinations.

 By the combined use of x-ray and endoscopic examinations, diagnostic accuracy has increased up to 93.5%. In cases in which marked deformity of the stomach is recognized or a long linear ulcer is demonstrated, the diagnostic accuracy of x-ray examination is superior to endoscopic study, while the latter surpasses the former in cases in which there is only a slight deformity or a short linear ulcer.

 4. Diagnostic limitations

 A lesion 1.5mm deep and about 10 mm long can be diagnosed by x-ray. A lesion less than 0.5mm in depth is difficult to interprete. Endoscopically, it is difficult to obtain direct findings of the stomach having marked deformity.

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