Concept of Acute Gastric Mucosal Lesion: An Endoscopist's Point of View Yukinori Okazaki 1 1The First Department of Internal Medicine, Yamaguchi University School of Medicine pp.611-618
Published Date 1989/6/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403106471
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 I here expressed my opinion on the historical development, present status and possible future development of a concept of acute gastric mucosal lesions (AGML).

 Originally, the concept of AGML was developed based on the findings of urgent endoscopy, leaving some weak points in pathological f indings. At present, the frequency of AGML diagnosed has been increasing in many clinics. However, current diagnositc criteria of AGML is far from satisfactory, creating confusion in the concept itself. It is, therefore, important now to discuss about the concept and definition of AGML. I forwarded my definition of AGML based on our experiences and review of literature published up to now, that is, one or any combination of the findings compatible with hemorrhagic gastritis, hemorrhagic gastric erosion or acute gastric ulcer on urgent endoscopy performed in patients with acute gastrointestinal symptoms.

 Under the current circumstances, I consider that the definition should be first of all based on the urgent endoscopic findings supplemented by clinical symptoms. My definition has also strict criteria with respect to the grading and time course of the lesions.

 It is very likely the concept itself will change according to the progress of pathophysiological studies on AGML in the future.

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