Stomach and Intestine(Tokyo) Volume 47, Issue 1 (January 2012)

Examination of CTC for LST of the Colorectum Taro Abe 1 , Hiro-o Yamano 1 , Michiko Nakaoka 1 , Eiji Harada 2 , Ryusuke Kato 3 , Kenjiro Yoshikawa 1 , Tomoaki Kimura 1 , Ryo Takagi 1 , Koujiro Tokutake 1 , Masayo Okunomiya 1 , Sadahiro Amemori 1 , Eiji Yamamoto 1 , Kentaro Sato 1 1Center of Gastroenterology, Akita Red Cross Hospital, Akita, Japan 2Harada Internal Medicine, Naruto, Japan 3Center for Gastroenterology, Teine-Keijinkai Hospital, Sapporo, Japan Keyword: CT colonography(CTC) , laterally spreading tumor(LST) , 腫瘍高 , 腫瘍径 pp.87-94
Published Date 2012/1/25
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 Generally it is inferred that imaging of flat lesions using CTC is difficult. In this study we examined twenty-seven lesions of LST by CTC and colonoscopy. We found that CTC was useful for imaging lesions with tumor height greater than 2mm and tumor diameter exceeding 20mm. Surface colorectal cancers were imaged significantly more frequently than adenomas. Clinically, lesions that require treatment have a tendency to be imaged, and CTC will become more important in clinical settings with accumulation of knowledge and progress in the development of equipment and novel techniques.

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47巻1号 (2012年1月)
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