Chronic Ischemic Colitis Causing Stenosis, Report of a Case Noboru Koyama 1 , Hiroshi Koyama 1 , Tokuzo Hanajima 2 , Nagaki Matsubara 4 , Tadakazu Shimoda 5 1Department of Internal Medicine, Koyama Clinic 2Hanajima Clinic 3Department of Surgery, Nationaal Tosei Hospital 4Department of Pathology, The Jikei University School of Medicine Keyword: 虚血性大腸炎 , 静脈性虚血 , 石灰化静脈血栓 pp.455-460
Published Date 1991/4/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403102519
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 A 67-year-old female who had persistent diarrhea of 4 months' duration was admitted to Koyama Clinic in December, 1986.Endoscopic examination revealed marked stenosis and edematous change of the transverse colon near the hepatic flexure.The barium enema examination which was performed following endoscopy on the same day also revealed the stenosis of the ascending colon near the hepatic flexure which was markedly deformed, an irregular thumb-printing sign on the border of the stenosis, and a transverse ulcer. Histopathological examination of the obtained specimen disclosed obliterated lumen due to stenosis of the vessels, mainly veins, and organized thrombi with calcification in the arteries of the subserosal to mesenteric area involving terminal ileum through descending colon.

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