Ischemic Enteritis, Report of a Case Ryo Fukami 1 , Toshio Kuhara 1 , Kiyotaka Tsuchihashi 1 1Department of Surgery, National Takeo Hospital Keyword: 腸閉塞 , 母指圧痕像 , 縦走潰瘍 , 管状狭窄 , 担鉄細胞 pp.449-454
Published Date 1991/4/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403102518
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 A 49-year-old male was admitted to our hospital because of right abdominal pain with no preceding symptoms.On the 9th hospital day contrast x-ray study using a Denis-tube showed a stricture involving about 30 cm of the terminal ileum.There were thumb-printing and longitudinal ulcer.On the 21st day the second contrast study showed a longitudinal ulcer which appeared to be deeper than before and a sclerotic lesion in the opposite wall.On the 28th day angiography of the superior mesenteric artery was performed showing no abnormality.On the 40th day the third contrast study showed the lesion of the decreased size and tubular narrowing.On the 58th day operation was performed.Approximately 30 cm of the ileum with the diseased portion at the center was resected.There was a very hard stricture of about 4 cm in length and a swelling of the wall.

 Histological examination showed a UⅠ-Ⅲ ulcer, prominent fibrosis and hemosiderin devoured by the macrophages.Furthermore, there was an organized venous thrombosis with recanalization on the side of the serosa.Based on these results, this patient was diagnosed as having had ischemic enteritis(stricturing form).

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