Anatomy of the Anus and Basic Examination and Treatment for Anorectal Disorders Naoki Matsuda 1 , Yuichi Hibi 2 , Yoshio Shimizu 3 1Anorectal Department, Saku Central Hospital, Nagano, Japan 2Shiota Hospital, Ueda, Japan 3Saku Central Hospital. Koumi Branch Hospital, Nagano, Japan Keyword: 直腸肛門部の解剖 , 肛門診察 , 直腸肛門検査 , 肛門疾患 pp.1268-1279
Published Date 2010/7/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403101982
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 Anal diseases don't seem to be familiar to internists in the department of digestive organs. After acquiring basic knowledge about the anus, however, it becomes common sensical to examine and diagnose the anal region without reserve. For this, it is necessary to strive to become familiar with the anatomy and function of the anus and with the basics for examination, such as inspection, digital examination and anoscopy. There is also need to know about three major anal diseases, including hemorrhoids, anal fissure and fistula. It is thus advisable to get acquainted with a wide variety of methodologies for examination and functional assessment. In this paper, an attempt is to be made to elucidate those methodologies.

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